Why choose us?

After over 20 years of public school experience, Michelle saw a disproportionate amount of her students with articulation impairments struggling to learn, having more behavior difficulties, and more medical issues (namely asthma and allergies). Too many kids had “apraxia” diagnoses without the tell-tale symptom of difficulty producing vowels. Most puzzling: observing a 3rd grade gym class where 5 of the 6 slowest runners were students with articulation difficulties. Nothing made sense until she became trained in orofacial myofunctional disorders (OMDs); all of these difficulties and observations were explainable, and her patients started making incredible progress with the different myo approach! Students with over 10 years of speech-language therapy no longer needed services and they were thriving! Michelle’s myo training expands traditional speech-language services to look at the function of the patient’s anatomy and physiology on how they eat, breathe, speak, and sleep -and then their impact on their medical and dental health.

Michelle combines her passion for learning, experiences as a mom and clinician, love of teaching, and heart for trauma-impacted individuals to help you Get Better. Michelle and her team of educators, therapists, physicians, and dentists ready to support you and your journey.

As a mom, she has been there and she gets it. Michelle and her team believe in a mother’s intuition and are ready to help you.